Apple Butter at the Lee's 2008

Harold and Peggy Lee along with Doug and Lynette Nemeth host an apple butter making shindig with lots of food and fellowship as well as stirring the pot. Thanks guys for inviting us! Enjoy the photos.

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

Where it was made

Steph stirring the pot

This group was eating early to get the the game. Hopeful for a good outcome at this point .... unfortunately not to be.

Dining room

Sweetening the pot

Doug pouring on the sugar

A lot of stirring

Harold entertaining a group

Dave and Greg

Bob and Charles

Spicing it up with red hots

A Green Egg

Peggy Lee

Dave and Mike. I think Audrey was cold by this time.

What kind of shoes are those?

Their Cinerella shoes! Just the right size.

Folks gathering and talking

Nice colors

Starting the pour

Do we have enough?

The Duncans and John Harris. Starting to chill down

Bottling assembly line

Greg was real serious about his job.

Finished product off the end of the line

We expected rain, but beautiful blue skies.

Great fall colors

Young folks hangout.

Boat on the lake.

Lake view

Harold's baby.

Swabbing out the pot ... and tasting. It was goooood!