Arrits and Dugans Take on Dollywood

We had a couple of free passes to Dollywood that were about to expire, so we took a day off with Bob and Rochelle Arritt and took on Dollywood for a day. Here's photos from our great adventure.

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Photo (142KB)
Most of the Arritts - Bob, Rochelle, and Abigail. Elisabeth was with Miss Peggy

Photo (283KB)
Miss Peggy and Elisabeth

Photo (121KB)
Riding the roller coaster

Photo (204KB)
Miss Peggy and Bob waiting for roller coaster ride

Photo (173KB)
Waiting for the Scrambler

Photo (277KB)
Miss Peggy having a conversation with Abigail

Photo (177KB)
About to get their brains scrambled

Photo (145KB)
Scrambling ...

Photo (251KB)
Really flying

Photo (408KB)
Still flying

Photo (248KB)
Carousel - Abigail gets her own ride

Photo (256KB)
Another view

Photo (134KB)
Miss Peggy and Elisabeth going 'round the bend

Photo (200KB)
Miss Peggy and Elisabeth

Photo (130KB)
Admiring the dolls.

Photo (89KB)
Spread your wings

Photo (167KB)
Mr. Eagle

Photo (52KB)
Would Daddy really throw Elisabeth in the eagle's nest?

Photo (33KB)
By whom? We demand a recount! (Roger and Bob agree Roger's famous BBQ is an order of magnitude better)