Trip to Bogota June 2015

Photos from the trip Mark McGranaghan and I took to the IEEE IAS PEPQA 2015 conference at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota. We had a great trip and met many new people as well as some we had met previously at other IEEE conferences. Mark and I were headliners at the conference, with a 1.5 hr keynote presentation for each of 2 days. We did work for 4 days and did some touristing on Friday. We visited the museum of gold and the Catedral de Sal (Salt Cathedral) - a church carved out of rock salt. Also, my 65th birthday occurred while we were there and they celebrated it 3 times!! Enjoy the photos.

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

View from our hotel in Bogota

Street scene in old town area

Mark at Juan Valdez Cafe on campus

Miguel and Roger

Davis's wife and child at the restaurant the first day.

Davis's 1-yr old son

Prof Gustavo Ramos and family.

Gustavo, Roger and Davis

Gustavo Ramos at the Cafe

Mark in action

Roger in action

Prior to taking the cable car up the mountain to Monserrate

Davis Montenegro and his wife

Church on Monserrate

View from on top

Roger on top of the mountain

Gustavo and Mark at dinner

Roger's birthday cake

Casa San Isidro

Engineering building at U de Los Andes

View up the mountain to Monserrate. Note cables for cable cars and track fo train to top (and tunnel).

We took a short ride up the hill and then down on an electric bus. It was pretty powerful.

Students who helped with the conference

Birthday celebration #3

museum of gold

museum of gold

museum of gold

museum of gold

museum of gold

museum of gold

museum of gold

museum of gold

museum of gold

The legend of El Dorado

outside Museum of Gold

Mark at the Salt Cathedral

City at location of Salt Cathedral

One of the stations of the cross carved out of rock salt

Trivia question: How much does this cross weigh?

Colombian coffee 180 meters underground