Bangkok -- set 2

Some more photos from my visit to Bangkok

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

Not quite Venice, but same idea

My hosts

reclining Buddha

Leaving money for Buddha

Reclining Buddha

Buddha's feet (mother of pearl inlay)

Putting coins in the cans

Back of Buddha's head

Close up of inlay

another one

Chinese-made guards at the temple. These were used as ballast in the boats on return south from China.

Ceramic tile roof

Colorful shrine



Teaching the art of massage was done here

Beautiful ornaments

A distribution transformer. Hey, I was working!

Tuk-tuks. Get their name from the sound made by the 2-cycle engines as they decelerate.

Our ride in a tuk-tuk

Entering the Grand Palace, built about the time of the American Revolution

View along the Temple housing the Emerald Buddha

Interesting characters

A gold-colored shrine

Mean-looking character

Temple housing the Emerald Buddha (actually Jade)

More characters

Nice obelisk

Nice building

Model of Angkor Wat (Temple)

Guarding the door

Siriroj checking his camera (we had to take off our shoes to enter the temple)

Incredible murals everywhere

Close up

Another one. these were the good guys

They would pose for photos

Grand Palace

sign says it all

Elephants guarding the palace

Pretty door

I don't think I could stand there that long.

another ornamental shrine near the Palace

I like thie photo


Looking back at the Grand Palace

River boat. We wanted a ride, but couldn't get to where we wanted do to gates being close because of the floods

engine is turbo charged. Where's the muffler?

Getting a foot massage after all that walking. Gotta teach Peg to do this!

The massuese (sp?)

All band directors have that same look ...

Marching band

View across the river from where we had dinner.