Photos from CIRED 2013 Stockholm

These photos were taken during the CIRED 2013 conference in Stockholm, 10-13 June, 2013.

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

Meeting Math Bollen (in middle) in downtown Stockholm for dinner. Mark McGranaghan with back to camera

Smarter Gridsolutions booth. Peter Richard and Andrew Keane (UC-Dublin) on the right

Our good friends Bob Currie and Graham Ault of Smarter Grid Solutions.

One of our posters

Another poster

View in Kista from our hotel toward the Scandic Tower where CIRED 2013 was held

Main course at the conference banquet. Veal about 1" thick. Different, but very tender.

Dessert at the conference banquet

Downtown Stockholm

Downtown Stockholm heading over to the palace

On guard near the palace

A square in old city part of Stockholm

Other Stockholm architecture

Not sure who this is, but must have been someone important

View from our hotel window in Kista of high-tech industry. Distinctively different architecture from old Stockholm. Many of these buildings house Ericsson offices. Kista is apparently old Swedish and is pronounced more like "shee-sta". Named after an old farm at the site that apparently still exists. Didn't see it.

Vasa Museum - site of conference banquet. The Vasa is a Swedish warship built 1628 that sank on its maiden voyage after going just a short distance. It was top heavy and tipped over. Its sister ship was built just one meter wider and survived 30 years. The Vasa was preserved in the mud and was raised to the surface about 1961. The museum was built around her.

Building opposite the entrance to Vasa Museum

Matt and Barb Wakefield.

Inside the Vasa museum

This is what the Vasa was supposed to look like under sail

Colorful figures that decorated the Vasa

Intricate carvings on the stern of the Vasa. They don't make'em that way anymore.

The figures initially were painted like next slide ...

Painted figures like those that originally appeard on the Vasa

The King of Sweden saw himself as the heir to the Roman emperors.

These emperors had their seal carved into the Vasa somewhere

A Pole is depicted in a subservient, degraded posture under a table. The Vasa was built for the war against the Poles. This was part of the 30 years War (see Wikipedia or your history book).

Gustavus Adolphus claimed to be a soldier of God -- this theme relates to the Protestant-Catholic rivalries in the 30 Years' War

View of the Vasa


This was a wedding song composed for Gustavus Adolphus.

view down the side of the Vasa

Another view

Station atop one of the tall masts where a lookout stood to provide visual intelligence to the captain of the ship.

Depiction of how the Vasa was supposed to look while tacking under sail

Peter Richardson (UCD) and Jason Taylor

Our table at the banquet

A jet-lagged Jason Taylor

Roger at the banquet

Simon Sutton - our man in the UK

Skeleton recovered from the Vasa wreck. Many of the skeletons showed severe deterioration of the knee and hip joints and vertebrae. A sailor's life was a tough life. I wonder what they did for pain killers.

The rudder

An Anchor