Camp NanaPappy 2012

After visiting Grandpa Farm and Grandma Jean in Ohio, Samantha and Peyton came to Knoxville with Nana and Pappy. It was a long car ride. It was raining and there were lots of accidents on I-75 i n Kentucky. But we finally made it and had a good week together. Mia came for a couple of nights and that made things a little noisier than usual. Samantha and Nana spent a lot of time (and money) in Justice. Pappy and Peyton went fishing 3 times. Peyton caught the most fish, as usual. He met another 8-year old, Ben, who is also an avid fisherman. One day when it was raining, Peyton went to Ben's house to play. They jumped on the trampoline and got soaking wet! But I'm sure it was fun. Finally, we went to the American Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge, which was a real hair-raising experience!

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Samantha Kate

Working the Lite Bright

Looking for stuff to order on line. (Nana said he could)

Sam's creation

Being goofy making power balls

Fashion show

Fashion show, cont'd

Fashion show, cont'd

Fashion show, cont'd

As usual, watching cartoons

Pappy grilled some shrimp for the big shrimp-eating shrimp!

Trying to keep the race cars on the track (really hard)

Looking at Youtube with Pappy

Mia and Samantha with "bed heads"

Facetime with Mommy and Daddy back in Wisconsin


While the rest of ate wonderful ribs, this is what Samantha chose.

Mia likes ribs! Picked 'em clean!

Playing Taboo. Another noisy game, but not as noisy as some.

Day 2 bed heads

Peyton's big blue gill. Unfortunately, this was the only bite we got this day and we didn't get another one to go with it. So we threw it back when we left. But it was a "keeper".

Pappy and Peyton's dominos creation

Another view. Peyton made up the rules for this game on the fly!

Cooking gigantic marshmallow for s'mores.

Cooking s'mores on the Big Green Egg. Makes a good fire pit!

American Museum of Science and Energy

Getting our tickets

Russian-made SA missile on display. This type of missile caused the Cuban missile crisis way back in early 1960's

An H-Bomb on display

Another nuclear bomb

Trying to pick things up with the radioactive materials gloves.


Inside the Kalidescope. There's lots of us everywhere you look. One of the few times Pappy got caught on camera

'nother view

Experiencing Bernoutlli's Law

Working the robots

Black light

Stage is set for the :atom smashing" show. Van de Graf generator

Samantha gets picked first to demonstrate the generator! Could it be her stringy blonde hair?

Samantha "Dandelion Head" Schumann!

Another view

Peyton gets his chance after the show

Whisper dish

Sculpture representing the World Trade Centers outside the Museum

Travelers getting ready to depart. Pose in front of water fall in Knoxville Airport

Going through security. (Does Nana look a little tired already?)