A Visit to Colorado Springs

We took advantage of Peggy's Spring Break to visit Kevin and Sarah at their new home in Colorado Springs and help with the fixin' up. We did do a small amount of touring and here are some photos.

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

Getting some help reading the schematic.

Checking out the leak

Engineering staff at work


Watch out Paul Bunyan!


New fan installations

Buddha and Frank

Kevin with his brand new macho grill/smoker. We gave it a workout. Still have some things to learn, but the product was delicious.

'Nother photo of the inaugural firing.

Sarah in over her head.

Peggy cleaning bricks.

Street view of their house.

the exercise room, formerly the living room after the new paint job. Hey guys, someone missed half the ceiling!

The red room, formerly the rec room

View out their front door.

Close up of the Peak!

View of Colorado Springs from the Air Force Academy

Cadet cathedral at AFA

Is this some sort of high-tech lightning rod?

Synchronize cell phones

Building at AFA

entrance to Cadet Cathedral

view back up into the mountains.

Going in the Protestant Chapel

Ceiling in Protestant Chapel

The sun was making the organ pipes look blue.

Look in the mirror

Catholic Chapel

They made this by computer from the Shroud of Turin

Models in a park

Buddhist chapel

Jewish chapel

Scroll on the Jewish chapel

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods. That's one big rock.

'Nother rock

Garden of the Gods

A nice looking rock in the Garden of the Gods

Balanced Rock.

Balanced Rock

Up behind the Balanced Rock

Kevin and Sarah at the Balanced Rock

Story of the Balanced Rock