The Family Gathers in Ohio for Frank Dugan's Funeral

Dad (Frank M Dugan, a.k.a. "Grandpa Farm") passed away Feb 10, having lived a rich life of 98 years. The family was gathered from all over the country; it was the first time in over 10 years that we had all been together. Photos from the viewing and funeral at McKendree church, the reception that followed, and at various other places.

Roger and Peggy Dugan

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After Greg and Kevin arrived in Ohio, we had dinner with Peggy's mom at the Dutch Pantry at the first exit south of the Ohio River in WV. Our waitress was an avid Buckeye fan, however, and we had a good time with her discussing whether the Buckeyes would repeat as National Champs. (l-r) Meredith and Greg; Kevin; Grandma Jean; Peggy

At the Thatcher's in Waterford before the viewing. Betty (Peggy's sister) and Dennis were gracious to us to give us housing for the duration of the funeral. Kathy's had arrived by this time. (l-r) Peyton Schumann, Greg Dugan, Kevin Dugan, Kathy Schumann.

This gives you an idea how cold it was in February. On the left is the plume from the Muskingum River coal plant. On the right is one of the newer gas plants across the river near Hackney. There is also a gas plant directly behind the camera. This picture will not be taken again. The Muskingum River plant was shuttered in June and is being demolished. Obama's EPA rules made it uneconomical to run the plant. So what will they do when it get this cold again?

Another photo of the Muskingum River power plant running full tilt on a cold day in February 2015.

Samantha Schuman with cousins Aubrey and Anna McIntire at Betty and Dennis Thatcher's (those are Dennis' feet). There was no room in McConnelsville, so we stayed at the Thatcher's near Waterford.

Peyton Schumann posing

Peyton, Samantha, Aubrey and Anna exploring the creek in the cold, blustery weather.

Schumann and McIntire cousins (with their mother, Bethany Thatcher McIntire). Taken in foyer at McKendree.

Frank Meredith Dugan, 1916 - 2015

Cousins Zach Dugan and Kevin Dugan

Display beside the casket

Close-up of the aerial photo of the farm as it was in the 1970's

Ronnie Wagner, Kevin Dugan, and Donnie Wagner. Ronnie and Donnie are Peggy's brothers and Kevin's uncles.

Jeri Kinney (wife of our nephew Jim) with daughters Emily, Macey, and Riley. Niece Jill Simpson to the right.

Flower arrangement from Jim Dugan's family. (Nathan was there but the other could not attend).

Cousins Nathan Dugan and Kevin Dugan (Nathan is the youngest of his generation)

Our cousin Bob Dugan came all the way from California. Going around the table clockwise: Bob, Jim Kinney, Karen Dugan Kinney, Jeri Kinney, Tom Dugan, Riley Kinney, and Macey Kinney.

(l-r) Anna McIntire, Kathy Schumann, Nathan Dugan, Kevin Dugan, Bethany McIntire, Aubrey McIntire.

Cousins Zach Dugan and Jim Kinney. Wonder what that conversation was about?

The casket being carried from McKendree by the 6 grandsons.

Carrying the casket from the hearse to the gravesite. Pallbearers, clockwise from front left: Jim Kinney, Steve Kinney, Zach Dugan, Nathan Dugan, Greg Dugan, and Kevin Dugan. Samantha Schumann in foreground.

Family gathered at gravesite. Weather was brutal. (l-r) Jim Kinney, ?? friend of Emily's??, Riley Kinney, Kathy Dugan Schumann, Bob Dugan (from Ventura, CA), Peggy Dugan, Karen Dugan Kinney, Peyton Schumann.

Kevin walking by the casket a last time.

Roger's: Peggy, Greg, Kathy, and Kevin, Typical behavior

Now there's a nicer pose

More typical

Roger Dugan family

It was always 2 against 1 ...

Greg and Meredith Dugan; Kathy Dugan Schumann, Kevin Dugan

All of Roger's children and grandchildren present for the funeral. Greg, Meredith, Samantha, Kathy, Peyton, Kevin

All of Frank Dugan's grandchildren present for the funeral. Front: Nathan James Dugan, Miranda Jill Dugan Simpson, Zachary Thomas Dugan. Back: Gregory Frank Dugan, Kevin Wayne Dugan, Kathleen Renee Dugan Schumann, Steven Michael Kinney, and James Milton Kinney.

Grandchildren (with spouses who were present) and great-grandchildren who were able to attend.

Tom, Roger, Karen and Jim

With cousin Bob Dugan who made the trek from California (and was unprepared for the weather!!) added to the photo.

Zach and Kate

Ain't no way I'm smiling for the camera!

(l-r) Roger's head, Bob Dugan, Maurice Hammond, and Peggy Dugan

Riley and Karen Kinney with David in the background.

Samantha, Peyton relaxing on the couch at the farmhouse after the funeral.

Relaxing at the farm

Kevin, Steve, Samantha, Kathy, and Peyton

Getting ready to eat at the farm. Tom and Zach

View looking toward the east where the wagon shed used to stand. That's Nathan's car with the bicycle on top, of course.

Winterscape. View from the front door at the farm.

The summer time view is a little greener :)

This is what it looked like in early August