Riding the Dragon, October 2007

We were blessed with a visit from old friends from Pennsylvania (Yes, they were older!). We broke bread together on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the women went shopping in Pigeon Forge and the men rode the Dragon's Tail from Tennessee over into North Carolina. Roger rode with Bob in the Mustang while Bill and Paul rode their motorcycles. At 5000 feet, the fall color were extraordinary. Enjoy!

Photo (124KB)
Gathering around the table the day before the event. Clockwise around the table: Paul and Carol Kearns; Roger and Peggy Dugan; Jackie and Bob Liddle; Bill and Diane Kearns.

Photo (90KB)
There is a message in this sign somewhere

Photo (149KB)
Bill ready for the ride

Photo (208KB)
Last minute instructions

Photo (209KB)
Bob inspecting the Tree of Shame

Photo (342KB)
The Three Amigos under the Tree of Shame

Photo (154KB)
Mountain color

Photo (62KB)
Sun peeking through on the ridges

Photo (147KB)
Paul looking out at the mountain valleys

Photo (136KB)
Looking the other way

Photo (171KB)
The Mustang

Photo (140KB)
The hills are alive with color

Photo (171KB)
More color

Photo (159KB)
Closeup of the color

Photo (207KB)
Easy Rider

Photo (100KB)
Comparing stories and telling tall tales after the ride