Electrotek Picnic, 2003

The BBQ pit Photo (73KB)

Lifeguards ??? by the pool. Photo (78KB)

Half the pepper in West Knoxville was in here ... Photo (59KB)

Getting ready to pull out the meeting. Photo (98KB)

These birds have a really deep tan. Photo (79KB)

Ya need that hot mitt just to eat this stuff. Photo (62KB)

Taking the pork out. Smoke gets in your eyes .... Photo (44KB)

Crowd milling around. Where's the food? Photo (93KB)

Pullin' the pork - from the foil. Photo (64KB)

Pulling the pork ... Photo (69KB)

Helping hands.. Photo (50KB)

Say Cheese! (looks like I need to clean my lens - or is Jim's face normally that pink?) Photo (65KB)

Nice hat! Photo (71KB)

I see nothingggg ... Photo (50KB)

Wade keeping an eye on that nefarious photographer Photo (79KB)

Frolicking under the fountain Photo (47KB)

Ain't that cute Photo (43KB)

Pool volleyball 1 Photo (62KB)

Pool basketball Photo (54KB)

Pool volleyball, 2 Photo (53KB)

Don't nobody trip that guy! Photo (74KB)

Chowing down poolside. Photo (87KB)

More chowing down. Carefult, get it in your mouth, John. Photo (64KB)

Bill, what kind of instructions were you giving here? Photo (77KB)

More chowing down... Photo (76KB)

Lee, letting the women beat him .. Photo (80KB)

Bob's crowning achievment for the day .. Photo (94KB)

Looks like he's had enough .. Photo (86KB)