Echos and Transitions Chili Supper 2008

Nov 7, 2008: The Echos and Transitiions Bible classes met for the annual (was this the first?) chili supper and BINGO game. The food and fellow ship was great (as were the prizes??). Thanks to John and Betty Harris (Echos leaders) for making this happen. Mike and Beverly Anderson are leaders of the Transitions. A special thanks to Gwen and her crew for preparing the food. Enjoy the photos.

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

Zane, Roger and Bob

Bob and Woody

Ann and Aileen

Wanda must be saying some really interesting

Audrey and Gwen

Phyllis caught in the act

Master chefs

John checking on progress in the kitchen

I don't think Wanda knew her photo was being taken.


Sheila (Cooper) and Vaughn (Williams)

Clayton and Sue

Zane with the Bullingtons

The Byars

Sue and Aileen

Larry appears to be up to something

Beth Smith in a jolly mood

Say, how's the line on the UT game?

Ezie and Beth

The Jordans with Ezy (Ezie?) (Ezee?) (Easy?)

Roger appears to be boring himself

Vaughn seems to have a fan club

A face only a mother could love

Mother and daughter


Anna and Vaughn. Nice photo! Vaughn takes a good picture;-)

The Phelps bunch

Sheila and Anna

Charles and Lois

The Caseys

the Giontas

Joyce and Mike. Hey, something's not right!

Betty and John Harris ... the planners for the evening

Paul and Ann

Sue and David Duncan. The short and long of it.

The Blacks

Award winners

Nice ... uh, what is that?

Lemme see this fish!

Aileen demonstrating her prize catch

More prize winners

And more ...

Jerome, you can keep it.

I think the Harris's cleaned out their attic.

We all can use a little magic

Aileen is still mighty proud of her fish.