The Great Solar Eclipse of 2017

We traveled with TG and Laura Horn to Sweetwater Valley Farm to view the total eclipse. This is about 20 miles from our house and we could have seen the eclipse from our back yard, but we got a minute more by moving closer to Sweetwater, a popular destination for eclipse viewing. No traffic getting there, but coming back was a different story... roads were jammed up in all directions. But we had an enjoyable day and got to sample the cheese and ice cream at the farm.

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

Sweetwater Valley Farm

Solar panels on the roof of the cheese-making operation


TG and Laura Horn with Peggy

Small part of the crowd at Sweetwater Valley Farm. Tractors added to the ambience and provided shade for some.

Entrance to cheese factory at the farm.

Peggy testing her viewing glasses

The sun unfiltered

Beginning of eclipse through viewing glasses.

This guy had a telescope/camera setup that projected the images of the eclipse on a white board.

The total eclipse. Note stars and planets.

... with a little coloration

Rewards of the day ... fried cheese curds! Yum!