Men's Gathering X

Photos from Roger Dugan's camera taken during the Men's Gathering in Feb 2011 at Lance Cooper's place below Norris Dam along the Clinch River.

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

Steve, Judah

Listening intently. Luke, Larry, Cory, Timothy

Kerry Bryan starting one of his stories

Reese in a prayerful posture

Dave telling A fish story perhaps?

David, Jeff, and Jim look skeptical

Timothy, Jeff

Joe ... concentrating on something

Chef Larry

Norris Dam

'Nother dam photo

Powerhouse at Norris Dam

Lake behding the dam. Nice color contrasts

Marina at the dam. Note how much rock was blased away.

Dave on the dam

Electric Power Engineering Lesson: The thing in the middle with 3 big cans is an oil-filled circuit breaker, or OCB, for short. The red-tipped "ears" on the OCB are not called ears or insulators, but "bushings". The grooves in the bushings are called "skirts" and are not there for looks. They make the arc path longer to discourage "flashovers" of the bushing. The bottom end you don't see is pretty long, too. The gizmo on a pedestal in the lower left corner with the gray bushing is some sort of voltage transformer, or potential transformer, or PT for short. It monitors the voltage to ground on the outgoing line in this case, which I'm guessing is 92 kV for what is known as a 161 kV line. Obvious, huh? One term for the metal structures that hold everything in place is called lattice work. Now, that should be obvious.

River below the dam

looking down at the spillway

The backside of Steve Arnett

Brian Westphalen on the river

Kerry in a world of his own

Arnett again. Steve, why is that water around you green?

The bank fishermen: Reese, Jeff, and Larry

Reese getting ready for a might cast

Jeff making a cast. I was surprised the line actually showed up good in the photo.

Filet class just starting

Starting to cut one open

Man, this Gathering stuff is hard work. Judah and the Suggs gang.

Lance with the ax

Drew Still conducting fileting school

No, Larry, not yet.

Chef Larry makes a masterful cut. You could conduct a biology class from this one.

Some levity while preparing the fireplace.

Getting ready for a mighty swing.