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Meredith Darlington (Darl) Dugan about 1890. Not sure of the origin of either the Meredith or the Darlington connection but both names existed in Zanesville at this time. There was also a riverboat captain named Meredith Darlington. Could he have been named after him? Born into an Irish Catholic family in Zanesville, OH. Was abandoned by father Charles after mother Rosa Todd Dugan died following birth of sister Mary F, who also died in infancy. (Funeral arrangements for Mary F were handled by "Uncle Charlie" Hearing who was married to Rosa's sister and owned a funeral home in Zanesville. This was the Uncle Charlie that most of the Dugan family knew; not Charles Dugan.) Darl and his older sister grew up in McIntire children's home in Zanesville until age 16. Moved to Morgan Co. where he worked on the Sam Bone farm/sawmill and there met Mabel Offord from a nearby farm.