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Matriarch and Patriarch of the Offord clan: Hannah Callahan Offord and Alexander Offord. This couple settled the farm in McConnelsville about 1850 and constructed the main buildings that still stand in 1881. Hannah was a Lee descendant from Virginia and was likely related to Robt. E. Lee. Alexander came from a large family that settled in Zanesville from Maryland via Cumberland Co., PA. The Zanesville cousins would visit the farm occasionally. The Offords acquired the first part of the farm (110A) on a quit-claim deed from a Julia Scott for $40. From there, they built it up to 240 A., acquiring the 80-acre Townsend farm to the North in 1876. In 1881, they built a new home on the Townsend farm. The red barn is on the original 160A piece.