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About 1900-1905. The Offord clan from Zanesville and Columbus descended on the farm in McConnelsville occasionally for a hunt. Seated against the shed are Johnny, Bert, Frank, Henry, and unknown. In the front is George Palmer who was married to Cornelia "Nealy" Offord, and Chester Richardson. Johnny, Bert, and Henry were sons of John Carney Offord, Alexander's brother. Cornelia was their sister. As you can see, hunts in those days could be quite productive. Of course, besides the dogs, they would use ferrets to go into the holes and force the rabbits out. This hunts continued until the 1930's. Frank Dugan recalls it sounding like a war when they would get the rabbits moving. In his later days, Frank Offord would hunt from the buggy and was reported to have shot a rabbit underneath the horses.