Visit to Nana's in July 2009

Photos from Samantha and Peyton's great adventure in Tennessee at Nana's house.

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

Barefoot Bride

Dr. Peyton getting ready to operate

Operating on Nana

Is there anything in there?

Pool Time

Getting ready for the pool

Whatta face!

Long walk home after the pool

Best Buddies

Getting ready to perform

Mia and Sam dress-up

Volcanoes and dinosaurs

Birthday morning


Birthday Cake

Birthday girl (7)

Pretty in pink and pearls

I gotta brand new pair of roller skates!

All ready to go

Uncle Kevin shows up

Posing with Grandma Jean's dress

With Aunt Sarah

Pod racing with Uncle Kevin (in typical posture)

Worming her way through

Running and riding at the park

Daddy and Peyton on the bridge

At the Smokies game

Look what I got!

Our view of the game

Climbing up to go down


Don't lose it!! Hold the line!

Cooling off

Daddy trying his arm

Smokies park



At World's Fair Park

At World's Fair park

Playing in the park

Tuckered out


Playing Memory