Lindsay Robison Wedding

Wedding took place at the Century Inn in Scenery Hill, PA during the time we were in the Pittsburgh vicinity. So we were able to attend this beautiful affair and see many of the folks we used to worship with in PA.

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Wedding site behind the Century Inn

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Some folks we know; Paul and Carol Kearns at the right; Vicky Smith and Terry Lafferty in background

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Chris Robison (in red)

Photo (107KB)
The Lafferty's

Photo (114KB)
Peggy with Dave and Vicky Smith.

Photo (113KB)
Jared Robison with Jocelyn Toothman

Photo (110KB)
Jared and Jocelyn

Photo (123KB)
Stephanie Robison and escort

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Father and Bride make their entrance

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Jim and Lindsay

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Wedding Party

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I pronounce you husband and wife in the cattails.

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Families watch the ceremony

Photo (124KB)
Jared watches Terry read during the ceremony

Photo (153KB)

Photo (151KB)
Jim gives his blessing

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Another photo

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Kissing in the cattails

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The Toothmans (plus one)

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Trying to get a photo of Terry's son ... no cooperation

Photo (81KB)
The bride and groom

Photo (91KB)
Peggy with the Toothmans

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Heading back up to the Century Inn for lunch

Photo (60KB)
Bee getting lunch

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Century Inn in Scenery Hill, PA

Photo (87KB)
Marker outside the Century Inn

Photo (79KB)

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The cake

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Peggy, Shirley Pinto, Dale Pinto, Mark Toothman