Spring Break in Wisconsin

We spent the week watching the kids while Scott and Kathy partyed in Las Vegas. We were all supposed to meet in Waukesha at the Country Spring hotel and water park, but a big snow on Good Friday messed up the plans. Scott and Kathy's return flight was cancelled. So we spent the time in the hotel and water park ourselves and then returned to Sun Prairie on Saturday. Scott and Kathy finally got a flight on Southwest back to Chicago on Saturday (thanks Meredith for checking out the flights). Then Scott's family joined us for Easter lunch on Sunday.

Photo (80KB)
Capt Hook gets his hook.

Photo (58KB)
Capt Hook's new hat -- and hair

Photo (53KB)

Photo (99KB)
Capt Hook

Photo (80KB)
Nana and her two biggest fans

Photo (68KB)
Scott coaching volleyball

Photo (67KB)

Photo (62KB)
Kiss me I'm Irish

Photo (63KB)
Where's Waldo?

Photo (60KB)
Barbie townhouse

Photo (67KB)
Pappy made this when Sam was a baby.

Photo (61KB)
Peyton's room

Photo (55KB)
Peyton and his eggs

Photo (93KB)
Monkey Samantha

Photo (66KB)
Strking a pose ... a couple of days before the snow fell.

Photo (98KB)
Capt Hook made "Wendy" walk the plank

Photo (73KB)
Stretching out for soccer

Photo (70KB)
Helping Nana bake a cake

Photo (161KB)
Van after snow on Good Friday

Photo (65KB)
In hotel room

Photo (68KB)
Killing time looking for Waldo during the big snow.

Photo (76KB)
Good Friday snow in Waukesha, WI

Photo (87KB)
Another view of snow

Photo (69KB)
Snowing at Country Springs hotel

Photo (110KB)
Water park at Country Springs

Photo (112KB)
Another view of the water park

Photo (132KB)
A little water in the eyes

Photo (104KB)
Contemplating a brave move. (She can easily do monkey bars, but the water here was over her head.)

Photo (105KB)
Making it across

Photo (69KB)
Air hockey challenge

Photo (103KB)

Photo (65KB)
Back home -- neighbors (Brooke in front; Brett hanging on the rings; Sam and Shay in the house)

Photo (88KB)
Peyton and Brooke

Photo (64KB)
Bunny cake

Photo (79KB)
Opening Easter bags

Photo (71KB)
Dance with me?

Photo (75KB)
Getting dressed for Easter

Photo (75KB)
Peyton checking out the Bunny Toss

Photo (141KB)
Sassy Sam

Photo (66KB)
Serious guy stuff

Photo (79KB)
Schumann family portrait. Don't blink Scott!

Photo (62KB)

Photo (73KB)
More Easter baskets

Photo (92KB)
Marshmallow Peeps

Photo (59KB)
Nana gets a basket

Photo (81KB)
Grandma Nancy

Photo (71KB)
Checking out the loot

Photo (71KB)
Scott's stepfather and brother-in-law. Male bonding on the couch.