Nana and Pappy visit the North Country, Oct 2007

We took a trip to Sun Prairie to deliver a piano and spent the weekend with the Schumanns. We took in a little festival in downtown Sun Prairie, visited the park, and got prepared for Halloween. Enjoy the photos!

Photo (82KB)
Peyton making "snakes" with his T-Rex

Photo (68KB)
Sammie eating one of Nana's no-bake cookies

Photo (91KB)
Story time

Photo (93KB)
Playing "Cars" around the cones.

Photo (100KB)
Puzzle time

Photo (111KB)
Puzzle time

Photo (151KB)
Hayride in downtown Sun Prairie

Photo (111KB)
Sammie and the blue cow in downtown Sun Prairie

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kathy and Scott at the park

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Peyton showing off for Nana and Mommy

Photo (122KB)
Sammie doing the monkey bars

Photo (198KB)
Balancing act

Photo (197KB)
Swingin' Peyton

Photo (77KB)
Pappy getting the "pumpkin guts" out

Photo (109KB)
Watching closely as the pumpkin face takes shape

Photo (92KB)
I love my pumpkin!

Photo (113KB)
Working on Peyton's pumpkin

Photo (104KB)
Sam with Peyton's pumpkin. He wanted a "mean" one.

Photo (112KB)
Admiring Pappy's handiwork

Photo (95KB)
Sam and her dolls

Photo (69KB)
Sam's new bed

Photo (53KB)

Photo (75KB)
Story time for Peyton

Photo (72KB)
Sam's room

Photo (88KB)
With the "weevil" we bought at Cracker Barrel. Note the snakes in the left hand.