Misc Photos from 1983

All these photos were on one roll of slide film dated 1983. Some are from Camp Concern and others are from our house in Canonsburg where we were trying to get the kids to pose.

Photo (60KB)
Josh Hyde, Dan Hyde, Chris Kearns, Becky McCune at Camp

Photo (70KB)
Kathy, Greg, Kevin under the apple trees at home

Photo (51KB)
First day of camp, getting instructions from Earl Jack Wilkerson (r). Peggy Dugan in back. Kathy Dugan, Krista Liddle, Josh Hyde, Matt Smith

Photo (38KB)
Matt Smith, Dan Hyde, Josh Hyde, Kevin Dugan, Chris Kearns, Renee Johnson Krista Liddle, Kathy Dugan

Photo (72KB)
Debbie Dadisman, Kathy Dugan, Krista Liddle, Renee Johnson. Getting ready to go to camp in the Crossroads parking lot.

Photo (48KB)
Becky McCune, Mandy Whaley, Beth Collett

Photo (51KB)
Clyde Brothers

Photo (70KB)
Who are these folks? They look familiar somehow.

Photo (62KB)
Greg in our yard in Canonsburg

Photo (89KB)
Family portrait

Photo (68KB)
Striking a pose

Photo (45KB)

Photo (48KB)
Kevin, Kathy, and Greg

Photo (44KB)
Kathy, age 9 or 10.

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