St Louis Trip, 1985

Photos from our trip to St. Louis to see the Gordons and to take a vacation. These memories still seem fresh. Seeing the '79 Buick reminds me that I drained a half quart of hot oil from it at a rest area in Ohio on the way from Canonsburg to St. Louis because the engine would whip air into the oil and it would get in one of the lifters and knock if it had too much oil. Honest! The things we used to do!

Photo (60KB)
Clowning Around in the parking lot at Six Flags

Photo (60KB)
Water ride at Six Flags

Photo (49KB)
Greg got a little wet

Photo (49KB)
Diving exhibition

Photo (65KB)
Only Greg seems concerned

Photo (37KB)
Song and dance show

Photo (51KB)
The Screamin' Eagle. Kevin and Dad rode it.

Photo (56KB)
Checking out our location

Photo (46KB)
When you only have one eye, this is tough

Photo (34KB)
This is a group photo, but you can barely see us.

Photo (44KB)
Kevin and Gre

Photo (74KB)
Kathy striking a pose

Photo (66KB)
On the front porch with Jack and Mil Gordon (both deceased).

Photo (49KB)
Pool at a hotel somewhere ... probably a Knight's Inn

Photo (124KB)
The sign says it all. This is my street!