Paris 2010 - Smart Grid Demo Advisory Meetings

A few photos from Roger's trip to Paris, June 2010, along with Mark McGranaghan, Gale Horst, and Matt Wakefield from EPRI.

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

Bastille marker


Street signs; they just give the general direction. At rush hour, it is gridlock. Take the metro.

an old church

They're everywhere!

Interesting walkway

Bastille view

Entrance to an old "hotel" (1626) that is a school, I think

Louis XIII statue in couryard

school grounds

Clock on a church

They are everywhere, too.

Hotel de Ville (City Hall)

Close up

Even closer

Up on top

Interesting building

It's some kind of artsy place

Other side of the building

Air intake


River near Notre Dame

Eiffel Tower

Henrici Magni

St. Michel

tour Eiffel

Tour Montparnasse

Prep for World Cup

Across river from Eiffel Tower.

Me at Eiffel Tower

Gale Horst at Eiffel Tower

Courtyard, statues. Opposite Eiffel Tower

Interesting statue


Gen. Foch

Interesting archtecture

Arc d'Triomphe

Gale Horst at Arc D' Triomphe

Flag at Arch

Ceiling at Arch

Tomb of unknown soldier

View down toward Concorde Place and Louvre

On side of Arch

Not sure who this is ... might be Napoleon

Getting ready to go to EDF

Getting ready for dinner cruise

Theirry trying to get organized.

Nice hat

Our dinner cruise boat

It's not as big as they say -)

Regine Belhomme and Phillippe Eyrolles

Diners Gale, Xavier, Neil

Appetizer. Pate was pretty good.

Discussions over dinner

On a bridge

Statue on a bridge

Nice trim work. They don't build'em like this any more.

Matt Wakefield taking photos

Tour boat

There's Henrici Magni again.

The Wakefields

Our fiddler

Main course: Canard (look it up)

Interesting building

Awating dessert

Notre Dame

Vaclav taking a photo. Very good posture!


House boat

Luxor obelisk

Approaching the Tour Eiffel at the end of the cruise

View from river at night

Our singer

Mark, Teresa Fallon, Gale Horst

View from dinner cruise

The last dessert

The photographer gets photographed with a guest at dinner

Carolina -- she organized all our meetings.

Flashing light display as we were departing the boat.

Bus driver