Pike's Peak

Roger had business trip to Boulder and Peggy accompanied him. After the meeting we went to Colorado Springs to visit Kevn and Sarah. Kevin and Sarah took us on a tour up Pike's Peak. We didn't make it all the way to the top because the winds were too high, but it was still some pretty good scenery

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Near Boulder CO. They do call it the Rocky Mountains ..

Yes, it was windy there

Raw material for granite counter tops and tombstones

Looking up at Pikes Peak from the treeline. Winds were too high to go farther. Yes, those are ski slopes.

Where we stopped going to up Pike's Peak

Our portrait in the snow

Kevin and Sarah

You may not find a power pole interesting, but this one is ...

View down the mountain

Snow-capped peaks off in the distance

Look who we found on the way ...

Pike's Peak - 1

Pike's peak - 2

Pike's Peak - 3 Note building on top

Can't say they didn't warn us ..

Close up of sign

View of Colorado Springs - 1

View of Colorado Springs - 2

View of Colorado Springs - 3

Burn scar on mountain from 2012 fires

Passed the North Pole on the way