Touring in Pisa

Prior to a workshop at ENEL in Pisa a group of us toured the city and, or course, the famous leaning tower. We tried to set it right while there, but it was still leaning a little when we left.

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

Approaching the main gate to the Duomo.

And what do we find: A McDonald's!! They don't miss a trick!

First glimpse of the tower

Shops outside the gate

Yep, it's leaning a little ..

We got up there on the top, too.

The 4 amigos about to tackle the tower

Marc Matsuura (from Hawaii) holding up the tower

Mark really straining to straighten it up

We weren't the only ones ...

I wonder how many times this photo has been taken?

Trying it from the other side.

Street in Pisa

Interesting frescos on a building

Pretty church. Built before 1000 AD.

Garibaldi 1892

Now, where do we go?

View along the river

Victor Emanuel

A little church along the river

Parade of emergency vehicles. Best we could figure is that they were announcing the beginning of the Italy v England soccer match.

Another view of the church along the river. This was a Sunday and there were folks going in.

Back to the tower

Up the side of the tower

Back side of the Cathedral

Stairmaster exercise no. 10. Or was it 11? Anyway, we climbed a lot of stairs over the weekend between the tower and Cinque Terre

Joe and Marc

Stairs are original I think.

View from top of the tower

A nice courtyard from above

It's not leaning that much.

View of Duomo plaza

These keep the birds off

More stairs

Another level of stairs

It is a bell tower

Folks near the top (there's actually another level)

Closeup of a bell

You can experience the lean from the top

View down in the tower

Looking straight down

Joe found the top stair case a tight fit

Note the jack on the North wall (opposite the lean)

The details

A plaque at the bottom

View up the side. You can see that it actually curves back the other way somewhat.

EPRI cooperation

Not that the stone courses in the main cathedral are not level.