2018 Family Pictures

The Roger and Peggy Dugan clan (all 10) gathered at Greg and Meredith's in Carrollton, TX for Thanksgiving. We went to a park/museum and had some family photos taken. This is the first time we all had been together in one place if 14 years. So we made some memories.

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

All 10 of us in a line

With the Schumann's

With the grandchildren

The Dugans only

Greg and Meredith

Kevin and Sarah

The Schumanns

Ma and Pa Dugan

Just the kids

All of us again ...

All 10 of us on a log (we used this on our christmas card)

Peggy's blue eye gene sure is persistent...

The kids and spouses


All together finale

Peyton in his "cardboard" pants and Samantha