Quebec City, 2010

Photos from around the Hotel Frontenac for Power Quality and Smart Grid Conference in 2010.

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

View from my room

Champlain's monument

View the other way

Slower way to get around

View down the hill from front of hotel

An artist at work

See next photo

Explains previous photo

Tai Chi (I think)


Clown entertaining by blowing balloons, etc.

Various artisans at work

Bellringer: She rang those bells for at least 15 min.

Church with bell tower. Anglican. this was Sunday. Not many people there.

Street scene

Another church

Ursulines church

another street scene

Street scene

Glimpse of Hotel Frontenac

Roosevelt and Churchill met at the Citadel in 1943 and 1944 to discuss war strategy

St. Louis gate

Frontenac's defense against the British coming out of Boston

St. Louis gate


Monument to Gandhi. Why here? I dunno.

Monument to the Quebec conferences



Tourists going through the St. Louis gate

On top of the gate

View of ramparts

Hotel. With the copper roof typical of Canadien Pacific railroad hotels.


Citadel walls with cannon placements

Cannon emplacement

Walls. Note holes in wall

La Citadelle

Looking down the business end

View from top of citadel walls looking back toward the Parliament building

St. Lawrence river view


Guy on waverunner. Guess where he was heading ...

About to jump the wake of the freighter. Fun!


View from walkway

Hotel Frontenac (operated by Fairmont)

View of lower town

View of Promenade

'nother view

Artifacts recovered from excavations of the old sites.


Explanation of Frontenac's house

Excavation. this was kitchen from 1700's

Another view. This was all the basement.


Explanation of statue

One of many musicians looking for money. This guy was pretty good.

Going down into the excavations.

In excavations.

In excavations.

Attempt of Admiral Phips to conquer Canada about 80 years prior to US revolutionary war.

In excavations.

In excavations.

The stove in the kitchen

Bathroom (Basically an outhouse in the basement). Smell must have been interesting.