Grandma Jean's Family Renunion

On Saturday Aug 2, 2008, all 18 of the Grandma Jean's great-grandchildren were assembled at the Dennis and Betty Thatcher's near Waterford, OH. The occasion was timed to coincide with our vacation trip to Pennsylvania and Ohio with Kathy, Scott, Peyton, and Samantha. Peyton and Samantha learned they had a lot more cousins than they had ever dreamed. Of the 18, 16 were between the ages of 0 and 8. Lots of little kids and lots of energy. Here are a few of the photos to give you an idea of what transpired.

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Photo (126KB)
Trying the rope

Photo (121KB)
Cousins Anna and Samantha meet for the first time.

Photo (70KB)
Kathy swinging fast

Photo (86KB)
Smiling cousins

Photo (104KB)
Feeding the ponies

Photo (101KB)
Feeding the ponies

Photo (133KB)
Trying to attract a horse with a carrot

Photo (120KB)
Straddling the ditch. Wouldn't guess he was a boy ;-)

Photo (138KB)
Setting up the water slide with the Cars theme. I just wondered about those Leak Less Adult Drip Pans that are advertised there on the side. Next time I watch the movie, I'll be on the lookout for them and other similar things I obviously missed previously.

Photo (94KB)
The water slide fun starts

Photo (110KB)
Sammie on the slide

Photo (106KB)
Peyton hitting bottom

Photo (113KB)
Climbing back to do it again

Photo (105KB)
Wet and smiling cousins

Photo (113KB)
The bug swatter brigade

Photo (135KB)
Scott looking cool

Photo (86KB)
Thatcher table

Photo (71KB)
Grandpa Donny

Photo (81KB)
Mammy with Eli and Lilly. Eli Lilly?

Photo (48KB)

Photo (37KB)

Photo (51KB)

Photo (104KB)
Awww lookit the baby in the swing

Photo (63KB)

Photo (123KB)
Brad helping with the seesaw

Photo (173KB)
Part of the gathering under the tree

Photo (146KB)
Peggy helping the swingers

Photo (139KB)
Trying to get the great-grandchildren assembled

Photo (129KB)
Getting a little more organized

Photo (122KB)
There! We got them all synchronized

Photo (115KB)
The Dugans/Schumanns

Photo (112KB)
Ron Wagner representatives

Photo (115KB)
The Thatcher clan

Photo (95KB)
Thatchers without grandchildren

Photo (103KB)
Showing off muscles

Photo (80KB)

Photo (114KB)
Tiffany's family

Photo (117KB)
Checking out the puppies

Photo (63KB)
Did you get a little wet?

Photo (123KB)
D J Cunningham and Mariah. A little mismatch?

Photo (115KB)
That's one use for those big feet.

Photo (81KB)
Anna and Grandma Jean

Photo (114KB)
Dancin' girls