Labor Day Weekend Visit to Ohio

Over Labor Day weekend, we travelled to Ohio to check in on our families. We picked up Dad and took him out to the farm to see the progress that Zach was making on the house. On Sunday, we had a picnic with Peg's family at Betty and Dennis Thatcher's house in Waterford. Many of the family were represented there. Later, we went back up to McConnelsville to the Fairgrounds and had a cookout with Dad along with Tom and BZ's clan.

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Typical beautiful skies we enjoyed this weekend

Peggy and Grandpa Dugan

Grandpa and Peggy inspecting the new basement at the farm.

View from the road.

Lots of babies at the Thatchers in Waterford! Betty is holding Sophia Caroline Thatcher (Brad and Tammy's new one).

Vicky with her youngest granddaughter, Hensly Wagner

Josh supervising the teeter-totter for Avery and Eli

More teeter-totter action. Avery, Eli, and Shelby

Andi, Tammy, and Lilly

Peggy and Jennifer

Shelby Wagner on the grass. It was a good day for layin' on the grass

Avery Wagner

Josh swinging Eli

Now it's Avery's turn

Vicky, Jennifer, and Peggy


Mariah, Ronnie, and Casey.. Cornhole pros

The center of attention

Tammy (foreground). Andi and Grace with the cornhole game.

The guys

It was a good day to just lay on the grass and enjoy the sun

Grace and Andi, cornhole pros, also

A good part of the family watching the action

Macho guys: Cage Perdue, Rhys Thatcher, and Eli Perdue

More lying in the grass: Avery and Shelby

and more ... Avery, Eli, and Shelby

Cookout at Tom and BZ's camper at the fairgrounds prior to the Morgan County Fair. Melissa, Tom, Zach, and Grandpa

BZ and Jill

Another view

And another view