Spring Break Visit 2013

Kathy and the grandkids flew south to visit us while Scott was in Costa Rica. We rented a cabin in Pigeon Forge and spent some quality family time over Easter.

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

Samantha and friend Mia Barnett in the bunkroom

Peyton and the big bear


Peyton on the hearth

Bear prints in the sidewalk

Peyton exploring the woods

Practicing to catch the big one.

Kids running up steep hill while we were out for a walk.

Kathy, Mia, and Samantha a-rockin'


View in the Hidden Mountain Resort

Getting ready to skate

Sam skating

Mia hugging the rail

Kathy skating

Swinging on the porch

Playing Farkle

Hot air balloon on way to see Hatfields and McCoys

Samantha makes a cute pig

Samantha thought she would just "hold it" rather than use the old outhouse.

Goofy faces

A little moonshine ... apple pie

Dinner at Hatfields and McCoys

Dinner at Hatfields and McCoys

Main area of the cabin

Vanity in bedroom

Fireplace area

Kathy going for a walk

The cabin

'nother view

No, it wasn't that warm! They were trying to convince Pappy to quit taking pictures and turn on the hot tub.

Steeeeeep hill


Bradford pears a-bloomin'

View into Pigeon Forge from our resort

Tram coming to pick us up and take us to Ober Gatlinburg

Packed into the tram

Looking back at Gatlinburg

Fancy house on the mountain.

A little snow on the mountain

Mama bear wrestling with one of her two cubs at Ober Gatlinburg

Otter at Ober Gatlinburg

Mama bear and two baby bears

Turkey vulture

Red-tailed hawk

Golden eagle

Kathy and Sam skating

Coloring Easter eggs with Nana

The Nana egg