Thanksgiving 2007

Photos from our Thanksgiving celebration in Ohio. While we were there, we helped Grandma Jean move to Reno (Ohio - near Marietta) .

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Steve and his smoker

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At least they do give some credit to where real barbecue comes from up in Buckeye land.

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Steve going toward the house

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Peggy, Grandma Jean, and Betty ... actually they're all Grandmas.

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Used car lot. Could've had an auction and made some money.

Photo (94KB)
Preparing the food. You should be able to tell who Carson is.

Photo (88KB)
Dennis has a buddy in Eli

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Ronnie Wagner family -- minus Ronnie. He was working.

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Dustin carrying the precious cargo. Don't drop that!

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The Spread

Photo (83KB)
Another view of The Spread

Photo (87KB)
Dessert Spread

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Andy with her two ...

Photo (106KB)

Photo (88KB)
Getting ready for some shooting

Photo (60KB)
Taking aim

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Rhys. Nice hat. Sorry for shaking the camera.

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Eli getting some attention

Photo (82KB)

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Mariah and Cheyenne

Photo (70KB)

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Old Glory at the farm in McConnelsville. Stiff breeze.

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Moving Grandma Jean

Photo (84KB)

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Inside the apartment

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Grandma Jean with Cory in the Kitchen

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Dennis and Peggy doing the heavy lifting

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Someone's got some unpacking to do.