Thanksgiving 2009 at the Dugan's

We invited some families from Roger's work, some of which had not experienced the tradition American Thanksgiving, to enjoy our Thanksgiving with us. After feasting on turkey and dressing with all the fixings, as well as shrimp creole and an Italian recipe by way of Argentina, the men and boys played football and soccer. No bones were broken, but some divots were taken out of the back yard. Roger required 4 Advil. The Del Rosso family is from Argentina. Roberto Gonzalez is from Spain. The Taylors were originally from Mississippi .

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The bird going on the Egg...

Smokin' away

One hour in

2.5 hr in.

4 hr and this bird's done

Prior to carving

Alberto and Susana Del Rosso

Roberto Gonzalez, Mariano Del Rosso, Guido Del Rosso

Jason and Robin Taylor (it's their baby you see in later photos)

Peggy, with Landon Taylor, and Roger

After the football and soccer game, we did some Wii

Wii experts

Alberto and Susana

Oreo decided he needed to be Landon's protector.

Oreo and Landon