Wagner Thanksgiving 2011

The Wagner branch of the family rented the Waterford Grange Hall for our Thanksgiving celebration this year. Several were unable to attend because they were working. But a sizable number of folks were able to make it. Here are some photos to commemorate the event.

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

Greg Dugan, Meredith Dugan, Peggy Wagner Dugan, Grandma Jean

Grace and Ronnie Wagner with nephew Brandon Wagner

Donnie and Vicki Wagner (back to camera) Betty Wagner Thatcher and Mariah Thatcher.

Corey Wagner

Brandon and Cody planning for Black Friday -- yeah, right.

Big decision being made.

Eating after making the first pass on the spread.

Mariah, Betty, Carol, Brandon, Vicki, Donnie.

Bev giving Ronnie a hard time about something. Polly Wagner Sheets.

Making strategy for attacking the stores on Black Friday -- errrr, Thursday. Brandon what are you doing in there?

Lining up for photos. Grandma Jean getting her children where she wants them.

The Wagner 5, in order of birth. Peggy, Betty, Ronnie, Donnie, Carol

Family portrait

Ronnie's family. Corey, Grace, Casey, Natalie and Abby. Ronnie and Cody in the back.

The Southwestern Ohio branch. Maggie Sollman, Bev Sollman, Polly Sheets, John Sheets, Bill Sollman.