Thanksgiving in Colorado Springs

Photos from our Thanksgiving celebration in Colorado Springs at Kevin and Sarah.'s house. Greg and Meredith came up from Dallas to be with us. Also, photos from Lookout Mountain where Peggy and I went after dropping Greg and Meredith at the airport.


Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

Kevin and Sarah working in the kitchen

Peggy investigating recipes

Greg and Meredith lounging in the TV viewing room

The turkey smoking away.

The turkey done well. Cooked breast side down and the white meat was really juicy.

The Thanksgiving table spread with bountiful food.

Sam -- Kevin's co-worker who was our after dinner entertainment.

Peggy taking a video of Sam

Greg while Sam was playing

Greg and Meredith in the park down the street in front of Pikes Peak

Greg and Meredith close-up

Denver from Lookout Mtn

Coors brewery in Golden from Lookout Mountain

View from windy Lookout Mountain

Some wind turbines seen from Lookout Mtn

Another view from Lookout Mountain

I think this is the NREL ESIF facility seen from Lookout Mtn

Peggy on Lookout Mtn

Peggy at Buffalo Bill's gravesite

While not technically in the military, Buffalo Bill Cody was awarded the Medal of Honor for action in the Indian Wars

Buffalo Bill gravesite

Roger at Buffalo Bill's gravesite

Buffalo Bill Museum