World War II Memorial

I had not been to the memorial since it was built, so I made a special effort to get there and take some photos. Dad's photo (as well as Bill's) is on the website.

Photo (96KB)
Entrance to Memorial

Photo (111KB)
Inscription on the street side

Photo (73KB)
Obligatory mention of dignitaries

Photo (104KB)
Recognition of aviators

Photo (138KB)
Pearl Harbor quote

Photo (144KB)
Battle of Midway

Photo (139KB)
Southwest Pacific

Photo (132KB)
States in Pacific Theater side

Photo (98KB)
Atlantic half of the monument

Photo (77KB)
Truman Quote

Photo (65KB)
Pacific theater memorial

Photo (145KB)
Victory in the Air

Photo (157KB)
WW II Plaque

Photo (115KB)
Memorial main office. You can stop here and look up people on the WW II memorial internet site. (You can do that from home, although this was pretty easy from here.) The photos I had submitted were still there.