Some Washington DC Tourist Photos

I had half a day off in Wash DC and took a walk up and down the Mall. (See WW II memorial photos in a separate location.)

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US Capitol

Photo (111KB)
Civil War monument in front of Capitol

Photo (128KB)
Civil War monument in front of Capitol

Photo (104KB)
Hamfest by the capitol

Photo (154KB)
Not sure I would stand under this antenna

Photo (69KB)
Is this Grant? In front of Capitol

Photo (143KB)

Photo (73KB)
Marine choppers flying around Capitol grounds

Photo (44KB)
close up of chopper

Photo (95KB)
Fountain in front of Capitol

Photo (74KB)
View down the Mall from Capitol steps.

Photo (68KB)
Other side of Capitol. Can't get up there any more due to security unless you have a pass. Construction to right is new visitors center being built.

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The supremes

Photo (60KB)
Elephant in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum

Photo (64KB)

Photo (72KB)

Photo (83KB)
Fossil display

Photo (79KB)
Big Trilobite

Photo (53KB)
This trilobite probably came from the Ohio river

Photo (70KB)
Hope Diamond

Photo (71KB)
Duckie getting dinner from below. I think he/she was eating his greens.

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Vietnam Memorial

Photo (132KB)
The Wall

Photo (82KB)
Memorial left at the Wall

Photo (183KB)
I wonder what the story is behind this.

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Lincoln Memorial

Photo (40KB)
Washington Memorial with WW II memorial in the foreground

Photo (52KB)

Photo (77KB)
Lincoln again

Photo (273KB)
4 score and 7 ....

Photo (67KB)
another view of Washington Monument with the WW II memorial in foreground

Photo (151KB)
Korean War Memorial

Photo (121KB)
Ghostlike images coming out of the wall at the Korean War Memorial

Photo (126KB)
I think this was built for WW I.

Photo (195KB)
"I have not yet begun to fight."

Photo (137KB)
Washington Monument