Meeting Cousins in Ohio

One of the main reasons for taking Peyton and Samantha to Ohio was to spend some time with their cousins. Here are some photos from their time in Waterford.

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

Being lazy

Peyton ready to play ball

Pretty bird on the clothes line

Squirt gun fun

Ready to play ball

Peggy, Donnie, and Grandma Jean on the porch at Betty's

Holding the newest great grandchild.

Family friend Kay Pugh heard there was ice cream and stopped in.

Casey Wagner, Kay Pugh, Peggy Dugan, and Carol Wagner

Peyton preparing to eat a hot dog

Dennis and Adam

Several Wagners on the porch

Peggy opening a gift

Grandma Jean and the great-grandchildren

Grandchildren and great-grandchildren that were present

The goofy photo

Digging in to ice cream

Organizing the ball game

The fielders

Kickball !!!

Carol folls one in. Two on base

They're off an running!

Peggy and mom umpiring from the sidelines (peanut gallery)

Betty, Mariah, Josh, Beth waiting for the game to proceed

Sam takes a big kick

Aubrey's kick

Getting ready for the next pitch

The run-up

The kick -- look at that form!

First step

Sprint to first base

Still running

Peyton and Aubrey watching out for a little one during hide-and-seek