White Elephant Party 2007

We revived our White Elephant party tradition, combining our small group with another small group. Also, a send-off for Mark and Sandy Berryman. We prayed over them and sang a few songs and laughted a lot. Enjoy the photos! Some were taken my James East or his camera. The rest with the Dugan's camera by various people.

Photo (32KB)
Roger 'splainin' the rules. You got that? Only two things to remember.

Photo (52KB)
Beth went for the big package. Lesson learned

Photo (33KB)
Singing competition

Photo (25KB)
Ho Ho

Photo (32KB)
Fragrance warmer

Photo (29KB)
The singing reindeer

Photo (36KB)
Mark had an affinity for platters. This one had cookies and chocolates.

Photo (37KB)
Hey buddy, how about this beauty? Only driven on Sundays by an old lady.

Photo (33KB)
Stuffed into the stocking stuffer

Photo (40KB)
What's she lookin' at?

Photo (40KB)
Nice shorts

Photo (46KB)
Lee kept getting the hat.

Photo (33KB)
Carolyn West has a nice doll.

Photo (42KB)
And Harold passed up 3 opportunities to trade this. Can you believe it?

Photo (22KB)
Mike with lamp on his hat.

Photo (32KB)
Mark displaying his platter. That's nice Mark. Just one more thing to move.

Photo (43KB)
The view past an ornament

Photo (44KB)
Diane on the prowl for a gift. Somebody's gonna get it.

Photo (41KB)
Is this where you wear them?

Photo (44KB)
Like this?

Photo (37KB)
There ... that's the right way to wear them

Photo (31KB)
Elders praying over Mark and Sandy

Photo (28KB)
Dugan's outside decorations

Photo (93KB)
Beth, Susan, and Aileen enjoying the food

Photo (62KB)
Phyllis and Peggy

Photo (58KB)
Harold and Keith comparing.

Photo (111KB)
Sampling the goodies

Photo (98KB)
Mark and Bob

Photo (78KB)
L. B., Diane (trying to duck the camera -- too slow), and Carolyn --- probably a good fishing story??

Photo (83KB)
Phyllis Nance, Peggy Lee, Larry Nance, Keith Lancaster, LB and Carolyn West

Photo (98KB)
Sandy Berryman discussing with James East. Beth East.

Photo (96KB)
A little less than half of the crowd.

Photo (76KB)
Larry, something tells me Keith didn't believe you

Photo (96KB)
The "tree"

Photo (76KB)
Beth modeling the sombrero

Photo (62KB)
Roger and the shorts.

Photo (56KB)
Oh man!. How can I change the rules now to make this work better?

Photo (59KB)
The gambler with the dice. Almost disproved probability theory. "Pedro" Lancaster: Now what's he waving that flag for? Is he gonna change the rules again?

Photo (72KB)
What's you tag say, Mike?

Photo (83KB)

Photo (84KB)
Bob getting instructions from Aileen.

Photo (83KB)
Oh, so this is how it works. Nice purse, Bob.

Photo (96KB)
Ezy gets the shorts

Photo (89KB)
Ta da!!!