Wisconsin June 2008

We went to Sun Prarie for Peyton's 4th birthday and to build a play house. Busy week. There were two birthday parties -- one on Friday for the kids and one on Saturday for the family.

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Blue eyes and freckles

Photo (36KB)
Green eyes

Photo (60KB)
Blue eyes and braids

Photo (65KB)
Cotton Candy

Photo (66KB)
Green cotton candy

Photo (75KB)
Cotton Candy on the nose

Photo (73KB)
Peyton the Mallard

Photo (159KB)
Sam taking a swing

Photo (104KB)
Big swinger! He actually hit it! (Headed for the Out on the right)

Photo (97KB)
Jumping thing for little kids

Photo (112KB)
This guy needed a walker but his voice was fantastic.

Photo (78KB)
Maynard the Mallard at the ball park

Photo (14KB)

Photo (103KB)
Here's the pitch

Photo (78KB)
What's Nana got?

Photo (122KB)
Watching the game

Photo (95KB)

Photo (86KB)
Being goofy with the high 5 statue

Photo (37KB)
Double rainbow

Photo (79KB)
Nana's lap is a popular place

Photo (66KB)

Photo (67KB)
Rock climbing

Photo (124KB)
Playing T-Ball

Photo (116KB)
What's happening here?

Photo (90KB)
Peyton playing

Photo (70KB)
Checking Pappy's measurements

Photo (114KB)
Pappy and construction crew

Photo (109KB)
Setting a screw

Photo (75KB)
Dinosaur collection

Photo (95KB)
The play house is starting to take shape.

Photo (87KB)
Inspecting the work

Photo (85KB)

Photo (76KB)
Watching movie

Photo (94KB)
Roof's taking shape

Photo (74KB)
Birthday party decorations

Photo (78KB)
Sam and friend in playhouse

Photo (78KB)

Photo (79KB)
Little ones start to arrive for party

Photo (80KB)
The birthday boy

Photo (113KB)
Scott being a water balloon target

Photo (110KB)
Peyton swinging

Photo (87KB)
The girls playing inside. A lot of blonde hair.

Photo (104KB)
At the sandbox ... or is it a dinosaur pit?

Photo (102KB)
Couple of dads observing the action

Photo (75KB)
Sam the pizza eater

Photo (102KB)
Peyton and Brooke

Photo (59KB)
Intense pizza eater

Photo (52KB)
What's that look?

Photo (107KB)
The kids at the party

Photo (78KB)
Kathy trying to organize games inside

Photo (52KB)
Mugging for the camera

Photo (76KB)
Thanks, I'll take that!

Photo (93KB)
Let them eat cake!

Photo (100KB)
View of the new patio

Photo (101KB)
Lightning McQueen

Photo (83KB)
Opening gifts

Photo (67KB)
Interested observers

Photo (82KB)
Awesome T-Rex. Check out those ears.

Photo (80KB)
Daddy's trying to make it work.

Photo (63KB)

Photo (52KB)
Aiming his shooter

Photo (82KB)
G. G. (?) and Pat

Photo (119KB)
Finished product with doorbell and mailbox

Photo (72KB)
Dinner for the family party on Saturday.

Photo (73KB)
Nancy, Pat and G G

Photo (91KB)
Peggy, Marilyn, and Kathy inspecting the food

Photo (76KB)
Peyton and Nana listening to his Darth Vader card

Photo (141KB)
I'm Darth Vader!

Photo (82KB)
Pirate ship

Photo (93KB)
Posing in front of the playhouse. Pappy, Nana, Peyton, and Samantha

Photo (131KB)
Ballerina pose

Photo (79KB)
Inside the playhouse

Photo (67KB)
Sammie dancing for an audience

Photo (89KB)
A little croquet action

Photo (87KB)

Photo (93KB)
More sparklers

Photo (76KB)
Just hangin' around

Photo (61KB)
Look at that hat!