2015 Summer trip to Wisconsin

We drove to Wisconsin for Peyton's birthday, watched some baseball games and did some other stuff like go boating on Lake Mendota, etc. Also, a wet and wild July 4 parade in a nearby town in Wisconsin.

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

July 4 parade

Getting armed for the water fight

Some practicing going on ..

Loading water guns

Water gun fun at July 4 parade

July 4 parade

This tractor had apparently won an important tractor-pulling contest. Looked pretty tough. Don't remember this model.

Folks in the boat got drenched. I guess if you were coming by in a boat, you were just asking for it.

Another boat gets it. This one might have been made just down the road from us in TN!

Meeting Marilyn's twins at the U of Wisconsin. Vendor said he should have charged me double for my ice cream because I was wearing an OSU hat.

Little Samantha and Peyton

Peyton's team getting ready

Windup 1

Windup 2

Another Windup

The delivery ..

No hit!

Now who is the tallest?

Long arms

2006 photo: Sam(4) and Peyton (2)

Reprise of 2006 photo. Those long legs won't fit in Nana's lap anymore.