Christmas 2007, Part I

These are photos from the arrival of folks on Saturday through our visit to Dollywood on Sunday. Just getting wamed up check back for more photos!

Photo (118KB)
Peyton and his best friend.

Photo (90KB)
Peyton and Sammie in front of Nana's house

Photo (69KB)
And laying a finger a side of his nose ...

Photo (70KB)
Santa telling Mommy something

Photo (76KB)
Peggy didn't know this was being taken

Photo (82KB)
Family portrait

Photo (77KB)
Take 2

Photo (83KB)
Trying to get a portrait

Photo (94KB)

Photo (82KB)
Bret Favre has a gimpy foot

Photo (71KB)
Pretty in pink at Dollywood

Photo (47KB)
Excitedly watching the show

Photo (87KB)
Babes in Toyland

Photo (68KB)
The mean spider (Peyton's favorite)

Photo (78KB)
Riding the roller coaster

Photo (91KB)
Pappy and Peyton

Photo (97KB)
Riding the bumble bees

Photo (100KB)
The Dollywood Express

Photo (106KB)
2nd ride. Pappy and Peyton are in the yellow car.

Photo (110KB)
Portrait with all the Dollywood lights

Photo (99KB)
Where's Peyton?

Photo (128KB)
That's a big tree!!

Photo (112KB)
Feeding the ducks

Photo (92KB)
The blue tree

Photo (90KB)
Part of the 3.1 million lights

Photo (67KB)
Aaaaww. Sammie and her Nana watch the parade.