Christmas Day 2007

Photos taken all through Christmas Day. The usual mayhem. The first few photos come from Greg's camera. The rest from Roger's. Go to to see Samantha's reaction when she first saw the presents under the tree and dancing to Hannah Montana later in the day.

Photo (92KB)
Checking out the Spinosaurus

Photo (77KB)
Dinosaur pals

Photo (110KB)
Wow! What a Dream House! Looks like a job for Daddy

Photo (110KB)
Post mortem ...

Photo (75KB)
Kathy wakes up

Photo (98KB)
This is what the kids saw when they came downstairs

Photo (93KB)
Nice warm fire (Nana started this. She does a better job than Pappy)

Photo (76KB)
Peyton sees what Santa brought.

Photo (105KB)
Taking it all in.

Photo (99KB)
Sam gets her stocking

Photo (82KB)
Opening stocking

Photo (82KB)
Rock start Sam

Photo (66KB)
Dueling guitars

Photo (94KB)
Uncle Greg gets Sammie's guitar going.

Photo (92KB)
Dressing Barbie while keeping an eye out for new stuff Santa might bring

Photo (116KB)
Gonna be a smart kid!

Photo (72KB)
Santa's helper at work

Photo (92KB)
Hannah Montana

Photo (94KB)
What's in here?

Photo (88KB)
Mommy helping unwrap the Lincoln logs.

Photo (69KB)
Look at that smile.

Photo (86KB)
This is what he wanted

Photo (88KB)
This is just what she wanted! (Did she know it was this big?)

Photo (76KB)
Peyton and his favorite. Growwwlllll!

Photo (92KB)
Daddy has to assemble everything.

Photo (137KB)
A surprise gift from Greg and Meredith. (Can you believe Peggy moved their car the day before and didn't notice this?) Now Samantha can have the campfire she wanted

Photo (100KB)
Hannah Sammantha

Photo (102KB)
Striking a pose.

Photo (96KB)
Following the moves

Photo (92KB)
Dinosaurs and more ... the beast burps, too.

Photo (90KB)
Uncle Greg assembles the Doll house while Sammie hold the directions.

Photo (78KB)
Greg's a little puzzled

Photo (76KB)
Peyton growling at Aunt Sarah

Photo (90KB)
Sarah keeping warm

Photo (104KB)
Sammie and Peyton performing on TV

Photo (94KB)
Meredith doing a little mixing.

Photo (96KB)
The gal's team at Cranium. Meredith, Sarah, Kathy

Photo (101KB)
Hard at work at Cranium

Photo (71KB)
An interesting place to make a telephone call from ... (she was supervising Peyton's bath)

Photo (97KB)
Getting ready to do Hannah Montana

Photo (93KB)
Shakin' it to Hannah Montana (check out the video at

Photo (90KB)
Peyton didn't like Mommy wearing the Hannah Montana wig