Christmas Eve 2007

Photos taken Christmas Eve. Greg and Roger worked on Grandpa's present. They took a break in midafternoon for Scott's annual croquet lesson. Then we settled in for dinner and some entertainment followed by the usual Nerts and Dominos games (Scott won both). Sarah joined us a little late and we had an enjoyable time. We had the traditional reading ot the Night Before Christmas. Then we heard Santa's sleigh bells as he delivered presents to other houses in the neighborhood and Sammie and Peyton went straight to bed!

Some of these photos are Greg's and some Roger's, so they are not necessarily in order.

Photo (90KB)
Playing Candyland

Photo (89KB)
Kathy and Scott amused at the action

Photo (85KB)
Is that a smile or an evil look?

Photo (100KB)
Aunt Meredith gets into Candyland

Photo (105KB)
Putting out reindeer food for Santa

Photo (103KB)
'Twas the night ...

Photo (119KB)
Setting up the saw to make a major cut

Photo (108KB)
Figuring out how to cut this sheet to use for the base.

Photo (88KB)
Cutting the sheet

Photo (115KB)
Croquet lesson in progress. I think the photographer asked "Who's winning?" Dumb question.

Photo (71KB)
Almost finished product

Photo (74KB)
Back side view

Photo (70KB)
Front view

Photo (103KB)
Family portrait prior to Xmas Eve meal. The shirts say "Peggy Sue's Diner" except the little ones -- their's say "Nana's Diner"

Photo (99KB)
Sam and Peyton entertaining

Photo (95KB)
Story telling

Photo (87KB)
Sam telling a Princess tale.

Photo (93KB)
New PJs

Photo (74KB)
Modeling New PJs

Photo (129KB)
Putting reindeer food out.

Photo (93KB)
Tossing reindeer food out in the yard

Photo (133KB)
Reindeer food

Photo (92KB)
Serious Dominos player

Photo (73KB)
'Twas the Night Befor Christmas

Photo (79KB)
Reading the Story

Photo (73KB)
Getting the knots out of Scott's back

Photo (69KB)

Photo (89KB)
After Santa's arrival