Dec 24 (Santa comes tonight)

We had a lot of activities waiting for Santa to come. Todd and Laurie Hardin brought their family over to help pass the time. We had the traditional reading of 'Twas the Night Before Xmas' and the tracked Santa's travels around the world on Pappy's computer.

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Photo (77KB)
Killing time playing dominos waiting for Santa

Photo (91KB)
Sam modeling princess dress she got for her birthday.

Photo (55KB)
Scott starting to clear the driveway after a snow the night before

Photo (39KB)
Truck is covered with snow.

Photo (34KB)
Sam and Peyton in Wisconsin snow. They have had over 30" already. This is Global Warming?

Photo (52KB)
Scott shoveling a path to make a fort

Photo (37KB)
Scott and Kathy's House, sun Prairie

Photo (82KB)
Opening the presents from Grandma Jean

Photo (80KB)
what a beautiful dress!

Photo (106KB)
Prince Charming

Photo (98KB)
Princess Sammie modeling her dress

Photo (52KB)
Princess and Prince

Photo (88KB)
Adding an accessory ...

Photo (54KB)
Peyton and Reece Hardin (in Darth Vader cape) playing

Photo (86KB)
Kathy, Mikaila Hardin, Laurie Hardin, Naomi Hardin, Samantha playing Candyland

Photo (72KB)
Reece Hardin and Peyton

Photo (73KB)
Todd and Mikaila Hardin (like father like daughter)

Photo (78KB)
Mikaila and Samantha playing charades

Photo (89KB)
Pappy has an attentive audience for the reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas"