Dec 25 (Christmas Day)

Photos from all the excitement opening the gifts that Santa brought. Some videos are available at

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Photo (107KB)
Look what Santa brought!!

Photo (106KB)
The loot.

Photo (122KB)
Sam and Peyton survey the presents. The ones with red striped wrapping and green ribbon came from Santa.

Photo (111KB)
Santa's helper Peyton

Photo (122KB)
Sammie tries on the Santa hat

Photo (46KB)
Nana looks kinda cute in the Santa hat.

Photo (122KB)
Peyton opening the Space Rover

Photo (97KB)
Peyton gets a Space Rover

Photo (156KB)
"I can do this with my eyes shut!"

Photo (118KB)
Opening gifts.

Photo (94KB)
Santa left instructions regarding the Samantha doll and Sammie read them!

Photo (73KB)
The Samantha doll

Photo (70KB)
Pappy showing off his Buckeye paraphanalia

Photo (81KB)
More Storage (they actually need a larger house to hold all this stuff!)

Photo (95KB)
An Easy-Bake oven -- a classic that still works.

Photo (77KB)
Princess palace. (Peyton has that "Oh no, more princess stuff" look.)

Photo (60KB)
The Pink Packer

Photo (108KB)
Grandma Nancy helping Peyton

Photo (78KB)
This is heavy!

Photo (62KB)
More Star Wars Stuff

Photo (91KB)
Happy with this gift!

Photo (96KB)
You have to turn it the other way to read it!

Photo (93KB)
the other side

Photo (73KB)
Lightning McQueen still make Peyton smile

Photo (98KB)
Still unwrapping gifts with her eyes shut

Photo (63KB)
Uncle Curt adjusting the Storm Trooper helmet

Photo (94KB)
Hunting for the enemy

Photo (94KB)
Modeling for Pat (Nancy's husband).

Photo (81KB)
Grandma Nancy tries on the helmet

Photo (61KB)
Mommy tries on the helmet

Photo (75KB)
Xmas dinner. (l-r) Pappy, Uncle Curt, Pat, Nana with Peyton, Dale Smith and Krissy (Scott's sister), Scott. Obviously, some folks were not visible. Kathy took the photo.