White Christmas in Wisconson, 2010

We traveled to Sun Prairie to celebrate Christmas with Scott, Kathy, Samantha, and Peyton Schumann. We were greeted by snow and colder temps than we have been used to. We accompanied Peyton to Karate. Scott's sister, mother and stepfather came up Christmas Eve and we opened their gifts. Then we prepared for Santa and he apparently came because there was a pile of gifts around the tree Christmas morning.

Enjoy the photos.

Also check www.dropshots.com/rcdugan for any videos we might put up there.

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

Getting ready for karate.

Joined by a classmate (her first time)

Stiking a pose

Yeah, she went to school dressed like this.

Play house was decorated, too

Getting cozy with Nana

Eating with attitude

Making snow fort

Peyton helping dig


Santa Peyton eating lunch

Getting ready to open gifts from Scott's family

Scott and Kathy

Peyton and Mommy

Scott's sister, Nana, Grandma, Sammie

Pat with his White Elephant gift

See the video at www.dropshots.com/rcdugan

The castle took an hour to build

Checking Norad for Santa's progress

Putting out the reindeer food

Reindeer food scattered on the snow

This year Sam did the reading and hardly missed a word

Pappy "threw up the sash"

After Santa came


Ready, set, .... Go!

Surprised at fish Santa left

Feeding the fish

What was Santa thinking?

Look how strong I am!



Nana, this is how this works ..


Starting to get buried in paper

Star Wars still popular

Santa's leftovers

Nana gets a nice carry-on bag from Greg and Meredith

thank you Nana

Kathy in her usual pose

Yes, that's paper ... and they loved it!

From Grandma Jean

You look pretty, Mama

Uhhhh, that one said "Pappy" not "Peyton"

about to open the sewing machine (see video on www.dropshots.com/rcdugan)

the Night Fury never misses!

An AT-AT !!

Buried in giftwrap

Typical fatherly duty after opening gifts.

What was Santa thinking?

Here's how you load it...

What was Santa thinking?