Xmas 2012

Selected photos from our Christmas celebrations in Wisconsin and Ohio.

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

Opening an early pre-christmas gift

Playing Angry Birds

Roger and Peyton -- matching sweater vests

New car

We had a white christmas for sure. Samantha leaning on the mailbox.

Playing king of the hill

Samantha firing a snowball from behind the fort

Peyton and Samantha getting ready for Santa

King in his favorite spot

Samantha set the table for our big Christmas Eve Eve dinner.

Getting ready to eat

Playing Guesstures

Mikaila Hardin "kissing" her pet "mouse" (candy Nana made)

Display at the Hardin home where we had Christmas Eve dinner

The Hardins with Peyton and Reece Hardin in the foreground

Checking out Santa's progress

Anxious Schumann and Hardin children watching Santa's progress

Santa arrived at the Schumann house -- Christmas Morning about 8:00 AM

Peyton passing out gifts

Pappy gets a trout fly fishing kit

Nana opening a gift

Pappy gets his new hat

Inspecting the stage Pappy made

Samantha performing

Dining on donut snowmen

Monkey bread

Scott, his stepfather, Pat, he brother-in-law, Dale, and Peggy (Nana)

Sam with gift

Samantha cautiously opening a gift

kathy and Samantha

Day after Christmas activities - sledding

Peyton eyeing the hill

Peyton and Scott wipe out

Samantha fashion show - 1

With boots

Golfing Santa in park in Madison

Wagner family gathering in Waterford at Dennis and Betty's

Dennis and Steve

Mindy Thatcher and a long-bearded Santa

Sophie in her Mammy's arms

The Real Deal

Girls, girls, and more girls


Grandma Jean opening gifts

The newest Wagner

Aubrey and Anna -- among other girls


Avery and Shelby Wagner in front

Vicky gets the bird during the White Elephant game


Brad and Tammy

Vicky Wagner with her granddaughters -- holding Hensly; Avery and Shelby in front. Aunt Carol in the Reds sweatshirt.

Sophie's big gift.