Xmas and Disney Extras

More photos from Xmas and Disney from Roger's iPhone.

Thumbnail images only. Contact me if you want a higher resolution image.

House in Knoxville all decorated for Christmas

Sam and Kathy

Sam and Peyton opening stockings Christmas Eve after arriving in Knoxville

Christmas day lunch at Waffle House in Georgia en route to Orlando

Waffle House Christmas

Entering Florida, we got this warning at the rest area. Of course, uno who had to go check it out.

Destination in sight!

Official rooftop walker/unloader

Selfie of Roger and the Berneskes (Pat and Nancy --Scott's mom and stepdad)

Pat, Kathy, and Scott waiting for the boat to the Magic Kingdom

Reorganizing the Fast Passes. Kathy and Greg

Reorganizing the Fast Passes. Kathy, Greg, Sam (with ears), Meredith

Close-up of the octopus appetizer. Ordered by Meredith, Roger, Peyton (!), and (?)Pat. Yummy!

They made me do this

Guess where his loyalties lie?