A Tour of Yellowstone

Roger Dugan, Chris Melhorn, Bob Arritt of EPRI along with John Weckel and Anil Jayanna of Applied Signal took a day tour of Yellowstone National Park. These are photos of our great adventure in the park. Enjoy!

Also see http://www.dropshots.com/rcdugan for videos.

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Photo (83KB)
Entering Yellowstone from West Entrance

Photo (71KB)
New growth trees since fire of '88

Photo (92KB)
Hillside where all trees were burned in '88

Photo (125KB)
Closer view of burned out hillside

Photo (203KB)
Bison mingling with the tourists

Photo (130KB)
Our first waterfall

Photo (238KB)
Bob, Chris, Anil, and John experiencing a mountain stream

Photo (173KB)
Chris retrieving a fly someone lost

Photo (133KB)
A hillside of hot springs

Photo (194KB)
No, Roger! Can't you read the signs?

Photo (192KB)
Trust me, this won't hurt a bit.

Photo (95KB)

Photo (325KB)

Photo (97KB)
Mountain vista

Photo (122KB)
Another vista

Photo (217KB)
More wildflowers

Photo (378KB)
John having a look at the waterfall

Photo (371KB)
Bob, what would your wife think of this?

Photo (280KB)
Typical ravine for small streams

Photo (119KB)
View up the road

Photo (196KB)
Loose Footing!

Photo (145KB)
The fire skipped around

Photo (178KB)

Photo (262KB)
John returning from exploring

Photo (150KB)
Cabin in the wilderness

Photo (224KB)
'nuff said

Photo (126KB)
Bob and Anil at Mammoth Hot Springs

Photo (133KB)
The upper terrace

Photo (206KB)
Looking back up the hill

Photo (201KB)
Chris stops to pray

Photo (215KB)
It's a little warm!

Photo (152KB)
A hot spring

Photo (149KB)
Neat view

Photo (135KB)
'nother neat view

Photo (78KB)
Anil, Bob and Chis in hot water

Photo (120KB)
See I told you so

Photo (159KB)
Mammoth hot springs

Photo (165KB)
Roger and Mammoth Hot Springs

Photo (215KB)
Nice colors

Photo (174KB)
Really cool picture

Photo (191KB)
Looking back up from the bottom. Dome in the foreground behind the vans

Photo (180KB)

Photo (117KB)
Grounds around the visitor's center

Photo (113KB)
Must be some engineers

Photo (122KB)
Hotel at Mammoth Hot Springs

Photo (230KB)
Our first view of Yellowstone River

Photo (370KB)
Close-up of monolith overlooking Yellowstone River

Photo (143KB)
Always knew he was an ol' hayseed

Photo (125KB)
Explanation of why so many falls

Photo (400KB)
Tower Falls

Photo (246KB)
Landscape view ... In case you couldn't see the previous one. Note a little rainbow action

Photo (204KB)
Chris at Tower Falls. Waiting for John to come back from exploring

Photo (247KB)
Some of the yellow rock that gives Yellowstone its name. Nearby guide for a tour said there is evidence for 2 of Yellowstone's 3 volcanic eruptions visible here.

Photo (97KB)
Nice high meadow on way to Mt Washburn

Photo (43KB)
Mt Washburn

Photo (285KB)
More wildflowers

Photo (180KB)
And more

Photo (86KB)
Snow on Mt Washburn

Photo (193KB)
Remnants of the fire

Photo (196KB)
Note all the little trees

Photo (108KB)
If someone was stopped it was for elk, bison, or other wildlife. Or in this case, to take photos of the burned out regions. Note that the trees on the other side of the road were unaffected.

Photo (434KB)
Is this Yellowstone Falls? Kinda disappointing. Oh ... we've got farther to walk?

Photo (245KB)
Bob at a little falls on the way to the Lower Yellowstone falls.

Photo (229KB)
First view of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Photo (259KB)
Hey, where'd the river go?

Photo (188KB)
Zoom in on previous photo ... now that's a waterfall !!

Photo (169KB)
Looking back up at Upper Falls

Photo (212KB)
Another view of Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Photo (361KB)
Zoomed in on canyon floor

Photo (206KB)
John, Chris, and Bob looking at the falls

Photo (123KB)
View down the Grand Canyon from the Lower Falls

Photo (247KB)
Looking over the Lower Falls

Photo (181KB)
Anil, Bob, Chris, and John taking a break before heading back up.

Photo (253KB)
Observation deck on the North Rim (it was closed the day we were there)

Photo (241KB)
Observation deck on the South Rim. Steep climb.

Photo (68KB)
Rainbow at Lower Falls (from the top)

Photo (232KB)
Anil gets a head start back up

Photo (171KB)
Yellowstone river above the falls

Photo (200KB)
Water over the falls

Photo (236KB)

Photo (278KB)
Volcanic rock along trail

Photo (298KB)
Proof that there's predators out there

Photo (150KB)
At Artist's Point

Photo (149KB)
Chris, Roger, and John

Photo (287KB)
View downriver from Artist's point

Photo (152KB)
Wide view

Photo (236KB)
Lower Yellowstone falls from Artists Point

Photo (138KB)
Landscape view

Photo (170KB)
Different exposure

Photo (116KB)
Bob and Roger at Yellowstone

Photo (159KB)
Takin' it easy at Artist's Point

Photo (112KB)
Why there are colors

Photo (143KB)
Souvenir hunting

Photo (195KB)
Checking out Yellowstone Lake

Photo (112KB)
On the way to Old Faithful

Photo (181KB)
Anil and John

Photo (154KB)
Roger, Bob and Chris --- look out for that truck!

Photo (184KB)
Old Faithful pre-eruption

Photo (82KB)
Thar she blows!

Photo (80KB)
Old Faithful

Photo (106KB)
Dying down ....

Photo (59KB)
A little close up freeze action

Photo (128KB)
Chris, John and Bob photographing the eruption

Photo (166KB)
Crowd at Old Faithful (about 1/3 of the audience)

Photo (178KB)

Photo (102KB)

Photo (112KB)

Photo (96KB)
Inside the lodge looking out at Old Faithful steaming away

Photo (116KB)
Bob (with new pet bear), John and Chris inside the lodge.

Photo (114KB)
First view of the Tetons across Jackson Lake

Photo (53KB)

Photo (61KB)
Bob at the Tetons

Photo (92KB)
Teton explanation

Photo (143KB)
Grazing elk with frollicing young'uns

Photo (64KB)
Cool Bob

Photo (19KB)
Sunset on the east side of the Tetons

Photo (26KB)
Golden peaks

Photo (22KB)
Another cool shot of sunset on the Tetons

Photo (182KB)
in Jackson, WY