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January 12, 2012

I've been researching my family since May of 1995 when I found the identity of my great-grandfather on the Dugan side whose surname I bore, but new little about. I got hooked on genealogy. In the past five years, we have discovered cousins from far and wide we weren't aware of and now have over 1400 names on the family tree.

Most of the families listed here have roots in Southeastern Ohio dating back to 1820, particularly in Muskingum, Morgan, Washington, and Licking Counties. Cities include Zanesville, McConnelsville, Malta, Reinersville, Beverly, Waterford, and Newark. Others came from West Virginia. Many migrated to Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Florida, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington and who knows where else. Of course, now we are scattered to the four winds throughout the USA. My wife and I relocated to TN in 1992. Our children are in CA, TX, and WI. Many relatives have remained in Ohio and we continue to find more cousins still living there.

If you know the whereabouts or names of any of those people we can't find, please send me an e-mail at Be sure to check out the notes, which give what information we've found or surmised.

DUGAN researchers are referred to Lyman Duggan's Duggan/Dugan/Dougan newsletter that you should find at . If the site has moved, do a search. You might also try the DUGAN list at Rootsweb.

Other names we are researching: WHITEHOUSE, OFFORD, and BROEDEL. The WHITEHOUSE researchers are fairly active on the Web. There is a WHITEHOUSE discussion list on Rootsweb that you can join.

Since 1998, I had concentrated mostly on the OFFORD side. However, in 2011 I did some research on the BROEDEL side during a trip to Germany. You can see some of the photos here and here

The OFFORD name had been rare on the Web until 1999. Until then, it seems that I was supplying about 90% of the US research. I edit the OFFORD Roots Newsletter, which is also posted on this site. Many of the photos referenced below are related to Alexander OFFORD and Hannah CALLAGHAN who settled the farm I grew up on in Ohio. In 2002, we were contacted by collateral lines from the CALLAGHAN and LEE side as well as others from the John OFFORD (Alexander's brother) line. The website now contains some of their data. For more information on the CALLAGHAN/LEE line contact Robert Bowen.

I hope that we will have done a good service by making this information available.

My thanks to Gene Stark and his GED2HTML program which makes the conversion from GEDCOM to HTML a snap!

Also, thanks to
Dede Dugan Busk who has collected and entered the data on the Albert Dugan line.

The Kinney line was supplied by David M. Kinney.

The Isaac Whitehouse/Nancy McGrath connection to their ancestors comes courtesy of Linda Foltz and we greatly appreciate her contribution. That line is documented going back into the 1300's with prominent names being RICHARDSON, BLACKINGTON, etc.... we have only an excerpt here. I used to refer questions to Linda, but I learned in Dec 2000 that she passed away from a heart attack in June 2000. If you are interested in being the main contact for the WEEKS side of the Whitehouse line, please let me know.

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